A Great Example of Trading “Psychology”

You’ve probably spent some time on various trading forums.  Have you ever noticed that:

– Threads with vague “methods” go on for dozens of pages. Look at all the crap on the forums where people are vague but don’t give enough specifics to actually have a complete system.  I don’t have to name names because you’ve seen what I’m talking about.  Or the (other) fib threads with all the after-the-fact charts posted. “OMG I HAVE TO STUDY THE MYSTICAL NATURE FIBONACCI SEASHELL SEQUENCE OF LIFE!!! SEASHELLS ARE DIRECTLY APPLICABLE TO TRADING!!!”

– This site gave everything up front with no BS, no guru story, no nothing.  Well, the only thing I left open for interpretation was how many lots to buy at each position. But that’s gonna depend on you and also on how wide the gap is from the 0 line to the 100 line, because it’s going to vary based on the size of the trend. Your position size for a span of 10 points might be different from on a span of 50 points because the total dollar risk would be different, then.

Note – I’m not responsible for any losses. But if price retraces at fib numbers, like people claim, this method should make a lot of money.

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