May 23, 2011

Long 1,000 @ $132.

I know that’s a little below the original MAGIC FIB LINE but when I checked the charts today price had gapped down and was at 132 so I entered with a limit order.

Avg cost $132.70.

So the target profit is $137 which will bring approximate profit of $7,740.

Other alternatives if I’m feeling not so bullish:

– Sell 18 $133 covered June calls for $1.55 ($2,790 proceeds) + $540 profit if the calls are exercised.
– Sell 18 $135 covered June calls for for $0.72 ($1,296 proceeds) + $4,140 profit if the calls are exercised.

The options forum tells me I don’t want to sell covered calls too far out in the future because it’s not usually worth the extra premium.

Or I could always Sell 18 $137 covered June calls for $0.27 ($486 proceeds) which was my target profit anyway, so like an extra $486 less commissions?

May 20, 2011

Some of you may be drawing a down trendline here (see chart). No big deal, I’m just going to buy more if price goes down further.

It could also be argued that right now price is hitting a known R point.

But again, who cares, because price is random… at least to me. I sure can’t predict it!

So what’s going on in this chart?

1) we’ve got the fib lines drawn

2) we’ve got a down trendline drawn (diagonal blue line)

3) we’ve got a known resistance point which may be flipping to S (orange line)

I wonder if any of the fib believers are going to look at the orange line and say “DOOD LOOK IT MATCHES ALMOST XACTLY WITH THE 50% FIB LINE!!!! SEE???? FIBS ARE MAGIC!!!!”

What does this mean for me?

It means nothing. The downtrend line means price should go down. The R becoming S means price should go up. But I cannot predict price, so I don’t even try to.

spy 5-26-2011

May 18, 2011

Look at this up day! Up about .65 cents total on the position so far which is like $520.

Target profit is currently around $137 which will put the profit at around $2,720 with the current amount of shares.

I should be using UPRO.

The next MAGIC FIB level is $132.44.

If price goes there before going up to the target profit, then the target price will net roughly $7,200.

Of course, since price is random, I have no idea where it’s going to go.

May 4, 2011

Entry point is $134.22

Getting close.

spy 5-4-2011

Order sitting to buy 200 shares of SPY @ $134.22.

This is real fibonacci trading. Not that vague BS that “gurus” charge you for with projections and lines all over the place and a bunch of runaround nonsense when you ask a question