Fib Traders Hate This Website

I just know you guys use fibs so you should find this information beneficial. I really don’t care one way or the other.

You will find, however, that this thread is more complete than any of the other fib information you may have seen.

I’m sarcastic because fib “theory” is ridiculous and the “gurus” who promote it are sham artists who never give specifics.

You will find that this thread is not that way. I’m not vague and I don’t BS.

If you are too busy having your feelings hurt because I made fun of fibs and called them hocus pocus, then I guess you will miss out on the discussion. If you are unable to separate cynical writing from fact, then that’s your loss. But if you have ever thought “WOW, there sure is a LOT of BS in the trading world. What is so special about fibs, anyway?” as opposed to believing in their mystical natural resonance of harmonic frequencies on a seashell because some guru told you so, then you are welcome to stay and participate. I know you are serious about learning to trade so it would be cool to get your input.

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