Identifying the BS

You can’t post pictures where prices happened to reverse at one of the fib lines and then say on look, fibs work! That’s exactly what fib “gurus” do and we’ve already established they don’t know what they’re talking about.

You had no idea ahead of time that price was going to reverse at the 78.6% line (or anywhere else), so showing an example where it actually does isn’t proving anything.

Once again, for everyone reading this site:

Fib “gurus” will post pictures and say “look, price reversed at these lines! Fibs are magic and they work!!!” Yet beforehand there is no way they could’ve possibly known which fib line price would reverse at, if any at all.

What I am talking about on this site does require any of that crap because it doesn’t even matter. I don’t claim to predict which line it will reverse at, nor do I care, because as long as price reverses at one of them (or even somewhere else), I will make money.

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