March 18 2010 Trades

I’m in a trade 9 contracts deep now but I don’t know if price is going to move enough in the next 30 minutes before the market closes. I may have to exit early.

If the trade goes to completion, the possible outcomes are:

win: $1,500 (approx after commission)

lose: -$1,150 (approx after commission)

But because of the time factor I might just cut it early for a smaller gain or loss. I’m not worried either way though because my first trade today was a $1,070 net winner.

I’m honestly getting kinda bored sitting here and watching price move 1 tick every 5 minutes. What’s going on?


I exited at 1165.75 because the market closes in 2 minutes. This makes my loss for that trade just under $600 which is better than if I had taken a full loss, and leaves me net positive for the day.

Slow end of the day.

Even though neither my target profit nor my stop loss were hit, I didn’t want to let the trade stay open into afterhours or overnight. That’s why I exited now.

$502.20 for the day.

$1,849,10 for the week.

3-18-2010 pnl

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