October 3, 2011 – Order to sell entire SH position

Put in a stop order to sell my entire SH position (1173 shares) at $44.90 which will be $4,055.55 before commission.

SH is currently at 46.91 but I want to lock in at least $4,000.

The next buy will occur if SPY hits $105 at which point I will begin buying SSO since it’s cheaper per share and double weighted which means I can get the same dollar movement for less of an investment than it would take me with SPY.


SPY -$77,577.00
hedge $7,339.95

Net for this trade:

-$70,237.05 (unrealized)
+$1,223.60 (realized)
+$2,931.69 (realized)
+$1,129.72 (dividend)
+$3,561.93 (estimated dividend)

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