Silver Dropped To New Lows Last Night

Here is a 60 minute chart of silver.  I highlighted afterhours trading in grey, and regular trading hours in black.  You can see silver does most of its movement afterhours which limits your options when trading silver ETFs like SLV, ACQ (2x weighted silver) and USLV (3x weighted silver) because they only trade on the stock market during regular hours.

silver May 19th

Look at how low it was shortly after trading began on the night of Sunday, May 19th (times in that chart are CST).

This would’ve likely made USLV drop down to below $7/share if it had been trading at the time.  I had hoped prices would remain that low but as you can see, as soon as silver made its low of $20.250 it immediately started going back up again, and when regular trading hours began today was trading around $21.500 and as a result USLV opened at $8.00.

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