March 8 2010 Trades

Ok sorry about this but you’re getting the MS Paint version today because my computer isn’t cooperating today.

First trade:

I drew a green line where the fib lines were drawn. It was the down swing this morning. The red circles are sell shorts, and the green circle is the cover.

First trade:

march 8 2010 trades

Second trade:

In the same downswing that closed out my first trade, price went back up and then retraced again so I started buying (green circles) and sold when it went back up to the 0% line (red circle).

You’ll see price went up to 1140 to make an afternoon high and then started to retrace down. I ended up NOT taking a trade here because it was already getting to be late in the afternoon and I thought that the range of this last swing was so large that I didn’t think price would have enough time to make it back up to the top before the market closed. Lucky for me I didn’t take it because I would’ve had to close my trade out for a loss as the market closed.

march 8 2010 trades 2

Today’s PnL.

march 8 2010 pnl

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