March 10 2010 Trades

May be about to have my first losing trade this week.

Basically if the ES hits 1145.75 before it hits 1148 I’m gonna lose this one.

I’m in 9 contracts deep now.

I’m not sure why the order arrows aren’t showing on this pic. Sometimes OEC turns them off and I have to go into settings and turn them back on. It’s annoying.

March 10 2010 trade

8 trades today.

9 contracts on the 1st (win)
1 on the 2nd (win)
1 on the 3rd (win)
9 on the 4th (loss)
1 on the 5th (win)
1 on the 6th (win)
4 on the 7th (win)
9 on the 8th (win)

3-10-2010 pnl

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